1. We ask that you please take your child(ren)’s temperature every morning before coming into the studio, as well as check for any COVID-19 symptoms. We may take your child(ren)’s temperature at the door as well, just to be safe! If your child has any symptoms, we ask that you please do not bring them on that day and inform us. You can find the COVID-19 self-assessment on the Government Canada website:
  1. All students and teachers must wear a mask in the common area (entrance, lobby). They do NOT need to wear it when dancing, eating, or doing activities. Therefore, they will not be wearing it during the majority of the camp. We ask that you please give your child a mask.
  1. Staff will have a separate bathroom.
  1. After a student uses the bathroom, it will be wiped down and disinfected.
  1. Hand Sanitizer will be provided to all students and staff.
  1. Students and staff must wash hands/sanitize hands between each class/activity.
  1. Change the room will be split according to a safe distance and we will be outlining a separate, additional changing area so that there is no crowding.
  1. Students and staff will stay the safe distance away from each other in every area, including the dance studio, when doing all activities and when eating.
  1. None of the dancing will involve contact.
  1. For acrobatic, all mats will be wiped down after each use.
  1. No food will be provided to your students in order to ensure safety. Therefore, we ask that you please provide your child with their own lunch, snacks, and beverage(s).
  1. No parents will be allowed in the common area. We ask that you please drop your child off at the door and that you do not come inside unless there is an emergency. This is asked in order to maintain the maximum occupancy.
  1. All staff will take their temperature prior to coming in the studio and do a COVID-19 self- assessment to ensure no symptoms are present.
  1. If any child sneezes or coughs, they will be asked to go wash their hands. If they continue to, we will ask parents to come and pick up their child.
  1. Studio will be wiped down, cleaned, and disinfected at the end of each day.
  1. Students will eat lunch with the safety distance between them.
  1. All equipment that is used (markers, toys, etc.) will be wiped down after each use and will not be shared.

**NOTE: Please do not sign your child up for summer camp if your child or anyone in your household is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Despite the many changes to the protocol for summer camp due to COVID-19, we are focused and ready to provide your child(ren) with a wonderful camp experience! Thank you again for your cooperation.