thePrice Packagefor 2018/2019Fouetté Academy of Dance

This is a package for students who are interesting in Fouetté Academy dance classes.
We offer Mini, Junior, Intermediate & Senior in Competitive,
Pre-Competitive and Recreational dance classes for students age 2.5 & up.

Competitive and Pre-Competitive groups will perform at 3/4 regional competitions between the months of April and May.
All students will participate in an annual year-end gala show.

If you choose not to participate, you must notify the studio in
writing before December 1st, following year.

All information regarding dates, times and locations will be provided later in the year.

Terms & Conditions

Any student wishing to withdraw must provide 2 weeks written notice to Fouetté Academy of Dance.
Any students wishing to withdraw before the end of the 10 months school season will have all post-dated cheques returned for the term following their written notification received by Fouetté Academy of Dance.
For example, if a student withdrew in Term 1 then Term 2 & 3 cheques will be returned.
If a student withdrew in Term 2 then only Term 3 cheques will be returned. However, students will not receive a refund for any unused portion of the current session during, which they provide such written notice to withdraw.

The same rule applies on monthly billing students. If the student wishing to withdraw must provide 2 weeks written notice to Fouetté Academy of Dance.
They will only receive back the cheques that apply toward the following month and not the current month that the student attending.
If the student paid in one instalment 10 month (September to June) and received 15% or 20% off, this fee/amount is NON-REFOUNDABLE. Fouetté Academy of Dance will not refund to students any fees for classes missed by the students. Our school will give you effort to make up the missing classes by attending them at the different time.

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All classes commence
September 9th

Registration Days for the Recreation students:
Wednesday & Thursday
August 28th-29th
September 4th – 5th

6:00-8:00 pm