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theDance ClassesThat will Make Your Kid AdvanceKids Classes

Fouetté Academy of Dance provides dance instruction for children ages 3 and up. The school goal is to provide a positive dance experience to all who are interested in learning.

Exposing your children to dance will lead them positively in other areas of their lives. The school produces an annual year-end show as well as two regional competitions between the months of April and May.

theFree LessonNew Students are welcome to try theirs first class for free!Free lesson

We offer a team structured Competitive, Pre-Competitive and Recreational dance programs for children ages 2.5 and up in:

  • JAZZ
  • TAP

Boys ages 3-16 enrolling in their first year of recreational program DANCE HALF PRICE!

theDancingprovides many benefits for kidsKids Classes

At Fouette Academy the dancer will become motivated to do the best they can while learning in a fun-filled environment.
The professional, fun, talented and creative staff will allow your children to love each lesson they are taught.

Each dancer will receive the qualities needed to concentrate and focus through discipline while building their self esteem and their confidence.
Enrolling your child in dance promotes a healthy social attitude as well; they can meet their life-long best friends!

Dance also provides many physical benefits for children including coordination skills, flexibility, posture, balance, and spatial and body awareness.
It also gives your child a sense of accomplishment and teaches them about responsibility, dedication and commitment.

Enrolling your child at Fouette Academy ensures that they will receive all of these great benefits dance has to offer.